Join THE REVIVAL where you will celebrate Indigenous wisdom, connect to your roots, heal generational wounds, and access your magic.


🌎 Have you ever felt lost, disconnected from your roots, or unsure of your place in the world?

🌎 Have you ever felt unseen, unheard, or underrepresented?

🌎 Have you ever wondered if your Ancestors were more than just deceased relatives?

🌎  Do you have feelings of inadequacy, regardless of your culture, color, or self-worth?

🌎 Do you ever feel overwhelmed by global state of affairs and wish you could do something to help?

🌎 Wish you could be part of a revolution and revival of the most powerful cultures this world has ever known?

You're not alone. That's why we created THE REVIVAL — for you to activate true power and live with gratitude!


Your Ancestors are more than just your relatives. They are the forces of goodness that are working in your favor. When you activate your Ancestral power, you’ll live with more gratitude, health, wealth, and empowerment!

Ancestral connection is not just about digging up problems of the past — it’s a process of reviving, remembering, and reactivating the wisdom of the past to live fully in the present and create a better future for us all.

THE REVIVAL epitomizes what Thanksgiving could have been. Now, it's our responsibility to shape the beauty we wish to see in the world.


Hi there, I'm Christine Olivia Hernandez!

A second-generation immigrant, navigating my diverse heritage used to be a struggle until I connected with Mayan cacao. It took many years, but I learned there was so much more beauty to my ancestry beyond what I had seen harmfully represented or had been nearly forgotten. Going on the path of reviving my cultural heritage inspired me to reclaim my ancestral magic.

Now, via THE REVIVAL and a book that will be published next year, I help others just like you revive our shared ancestral power. This can happen for you by seeing a Native dancer, hearing a talk on connecting with your Ancestral foods, or hearing a song from a lineage different than your own but activating something deep in your bones.

I created The United Collective to uplift and amplify the voices of resilient, extraordinary people. As a Collective, we believe in empowering each other so that we can live with confidence, abundance, and purpose, which is our birthright. By coming together for the second offering of THE REVIVAL, you get to experience now what your ancestors dreamed of. Your voice matters, and your stories matter!

You are meant to leave a positive legacy and build a more beautiful future. I’m so grateful to have you here. Welcome!


Gain all of this priceless wisdom and value for only $47!




Available to you immediately after you buy your ticket is a combination of the recordings of our live event and pre-recorded offerings, and all of it will be there for you to enjoy at your own pace.

Meet the Facilitators of Our Event

Asha Frost

Opening Ceremony

Medicine Woman Opening

About Asha

Indigenous Healer, Author, and Oracle Deck Creator

Asha Frost is an Indigenous (Ojibwe) healer, best-selling author, speaker and guide. Drawing on her ancestral knowledge and innate gifts, Asha has become a prominent figure in the field of Indigenous healing, garnering recognition on both local and international platforms. She has created transformative experiences for thousands with her heart, profound wisdom and unwavering dedication to her heritage.


Amelia Butler

Reindigenization through Te Ao Māori, The Māori World

Discover the power of connecting with Place and People through Te Ao Māori, the Māori World.  Reconnect with your indigeneity through the cultural lens of the Māori, the indigenous people of Aotearoa, New Zealand.  Through reindigenizing the way we think about our relationships with nature, our ancestors, each other and ourselves we can transform the world!  

About Amelia

Founder, Learn Māori Abroad

As an Indigenous Māori woman, cultural practitioner and Māori cultural consultant from Aotearoa, New Zealand, Amelia is the founder and director of Learn Māori Abroad, a global organization that shares Māori language, culture and performance.

Amelia majored in Māori language, culture and performance in her Bachelor of Arts degree and Māori Land Law in her Bachelor of Laws degree at the University of Auckland.


Natalie Gutiérrez

Releasing Burdens with Ancestors

She will be leading viewers through a guided meditation journey with their ancestors, helping them release a burden they carry in their bodies. Following this guided journey, she will invite folks to journal an "I am" passage (including what they're reclaiming), and read the passage aloud to themselves.

About Natalie

Author and Trauma Therapist

Natalie Y. GutiĂ©rrez, LMFT, is a trauma therapist working primarily with BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) survivors of complex trauma—ranging from racial trauma, sexual trauma, attachment trauma, and intergenerational trauma carrying cultural and legacy burdens. Natalie is a certified internal family systems therapist and Assistant Trainer for Internal Family Systems. Natalie’s individual and group healing work blends the intersections of psychotherapy, activism, intuitive and ancestral wisdom. She is a mother of 2 on the journey to heal generational legacy wounds.


Jessica ReĂ­s Mendivil

Ancestral Death Doulaship 101: Becoming A Death Guide

Introduction to Ancestral Death Doulaship, Rites, Rituals & Ceremonies including a bonus lesson on connecting to dead loved ones.

About Jessica

Death Doula, Life Coach and Curandera

Jess is an Ancestral Death Doula, Shadow Empath, Grief Guide & Life Coach who uses Performing Art, Transformative Speaking, Storytelling and Content creation to alchemize Grief, Death & Loss of Self. Her main mantras are "Your Mortality is A Reminder of What Matters and Death Care is Community Care." She believes that integrating death & shadow helps garner kinder, softer, humans that are in awe of their own lives.


Ayesha Durrani

The Age of Aquarius

A channeled transmission on the Age of Aquarius. A vision of ancient future templates for the New Earth and the leaders rising to co-create it

About Ayesha

Astrologer and Business Coach, Founder of Oath Oracle

Ayesha is a visionary astrologer + business oracle who is deeply devoted to transforming past trauma into power & freedom, while activating others to do the same. Consistent ritual, shadow work, astrology, manifestation, wealth energetics & grounded business strategy have been key for her powerful transformation from poverty into a multi 6 figure soul-led business.


Dusah Wiseman

Carrying The Torch

A cycle breaker doesn’t decide they are going to be, they are chosen by the cosmos. Those traits that make you stand out or the pain that filled you with courage were all divinely orchestrated so that you could remember who you are and what you came here to do. We will explore what it means to be a cycle breaker, how we can communicate with our divine team for direction, followed by a breathwork activation.

About Dusah

Spirituality Mentor

Dusah, also known as Serpent Goddess, fell in love with Shamanic practices as a child and it has laid the foundation for her well-being. She has trained with notable industry leaders and her medicine bag includes Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation, Qigong, Herbalism, Hypnotherapy and Somatic Healing through a trauma informed lens. She believes in the art of inner alchemy and facilitates these tools to assist others who are looking to go deep within their shadows to unlock the potent medicine of combining both their light and dark; unmasking their true power and potential. Sitting in ceremony is her favorite way to connect with the Divine.


Melissa Ruiz

Activating New Earth Abundance

Portal To The Vision a self paced 5 hour channeled course with no edits is a journey inward back to the core of your existence. To the expansive, sacred ether where your soul fire first ignited. It’s the “home” within you, where the Goddess reminds you: “You and your Dharma can never be separated.” This place and the answers it holds for you can be accessed anytime.

About Melissa

New Earth Biz Mentor

Melissa Ruiz is the founder and visionary of Melissa Ruiz Empowerment, a soulful business powerhouse that mentors mystical off beat entrepreneurs in order to help them start & scale their businesses through a spiritually universal lens. Through her coaching programs, she empowers more spiritual entrepreneurs to step into their leadership and pour their knowledge back into their own networks, with a large focus on the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities.


Marilu Shinn

The Return of the Divine Feminine

On this occasion I will be discussing the importance of moving in cyclical ways and how the Patriarchy and the current paradigm buried the ways of the Divine Feminine and why returning to Her worship is the way to create reciprocal, sustainable and renew Civilizations informed by a new, yet ancient lens.

About Marilu

Medicine Woman & Feminine Mysteries Keeper

Marilu Shinn is an Initiated Medicine Woman in the Inca Shamanic Tradition of the high Andes of Peru. Her passion and mission are to restore the web of life from the imprints of the Colonial past and to empower women to live and embody their highest timelines and potential. She teaches programs in alternative Earth Based Medicine, womb wisdom and mysteries and facilitates International women’s retreats.


Rev. Briana Lynn

ReMothering as an answer to the Patriarchy

4,000 years ago, we human beings KNEW how to be aligned with the cycles of the Earth. Before the rise of the Patriarchal nightmare, narcissism, genocide, & masculine-based gods & empires, we knew how to pray to the mother.
Let us practice that return~

About Rev. Lynn

Reverend, Executive Director ‹Mentor, ReMothering Coach, Mentor & Speaker

Rev. Briana Lynn (rbl) is here to support a global ReMothering movement, creating safety & freedom within each one of us, for every space we walk into, and for the entire planet. She mentors, coaches, facilitates, speaks to inspire women, men & others all around the globe. She has an unrelenting passion for authenticity, equality, travel, learning, healing & deepening the connection to life, nature & The Great Mother, The Great Mystery.


Gabriella (Gaia) Cerince

The Spiral Path: Reclaiming Our Pagan Heritage

Learn about the Primordial Feminine & the Goddess Revival with Gabriella of Sacred Origins. We will discuss the global healing that takes place when women root into the wisdom of their wombs, & reclaim their innate Goddess power.

About Gabriella

Wise Woman, Dianic Witch, & Womb Keeper

Gabriella (aka Gaia) is a Shamanic WombKeeper, Freebirthing Mama, Dianic Witch, Wise Woman, & Pagan Ceremonialist. She speaks & teaches on Goddess Religion, NeoPaganism, Womb Wellness, Birth Sovereignty, & the Feminine Mysteries. She lives in the forests of Oregon with her family, hosting women's moon circles & more.


Laura Grant

The Power of Divine Love

Bringing together our souls (Feminine energy) and egos (Masculine energy) creates peace in our lives, our relationships, and our world. It is through the ongoing development of our relationship with self, and others, that we gain the knowledge and wisdom we need to work towards embodying our highest self, highest purpose, and highest timeline.

About Laura

Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Coach

Laura Grant, M.Ed., is a Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Coach who utilizes a combination of her background in music, education, and studies in spiritual science to provide service for humanity. She is a channel for the Spirit world who is deeply connected to her Ancestors and Ancient Wisdom. Her professional studies in early childhood development and the power of play, along with her love for the arts, create a unique framework for intuitive messages to flow. 


Sewa Marsha Valencia

Medicine of the Drum


About Sewa Marsha

Culture Bearer, Elder in the Making

Sewa has been serving the community for over two decades through the medicine of the drum, women’s circles, tradition, culture, sharing stories, and youth empowerment. She serves the community by sharing and teaching Medicine through Songs and The Drum. 


Amber Valdez

There’s no time to waste! A potent transmission & DNA 🧬 remembrance activation from the Ancestors & Ascended Masters to help turn your light on!

A divinely channeled transmission from the Ancestors, Ascended Masters & beings of light that will inspire, remind & ignite a fiređŸ”„ within you to act now!
A short but potent medicine drum journey to activate your dormant soul assignment DNA 🧬 codes.

About Amber

Intuitive Spiritual Business Coach

Amber Valdez is a former TV personality and NFL cheerleader turned best selling author, intuitive spiritual business coach, live video expert and spiritual awakening guide for the last decade Amber's mission is to remind people they matter, they are worthy, and their purpose matters by showing them how to make an abundant living as a lightworker. 


Axél Carrasquillo

Clearing Your Divine Archetype

In this workshop, Shaman Axél Antojai, will guide you to reconnect the many soul attributes you have within your unconscious mind.
This will align you more with your purpose, miraculous opportunities, and amplify your ability to manifest amazing results in any area of your life.

About Axél

Manifestation Shaman

Axél ANTOJAI was born into a family of Shaman who have been practicing the traditions of shamanism for 100s of years. He is the creator of Quantum Reiki and Antojai Alchemy, which has impacted 150 countries, and 50 languages all around the world. His mission and goal is to teach the people of our planet how to become the most magical version of themselves. so that this can be passed down through the generations and into the future.


Jade Sanchez

PULSE - A Visionary Short Film

Inspired by the concept of UNITY, an indigenous and universal principle, each individual played an important role to bring this film into being. The feminine spirit is always pulsing, expanding, shapeshifting, forming, and evolving. This film is a visual poem about the feminine in her fluidity.

About Jade

Ancestral artistry, film maker, choreographer, storyteller

Jade Sanchez Is a Mexican American Multimedia artist who is passionate about creating spaces that are devoted to feminine healing & deep reverence of the earth.  She explores the topic of ancestral connection, reclamation of the natural cycles of womanhood, & synchronization through filmmaking, mixed media art, and choreography.


Alexandra Carelli

Ancestral Magic & Medicine of the Mediterranean

Learn ancestral practices of the Mediterranean people including the healing rituals of the dream temple; the rites of Eleusis; tarot divination; and sacred herbs for dreaming, clearing and protection.

About Alexandra

Holistic Counselor & Psychedelic Guide

Alexandra is a multi-faceted professional, blending her work as an artist, teacher, and psychedelic guide. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology at Sofia University, her journey is marked by a deep commitment to healing, personal transformation, and ancient mystery practice. She holds an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy and currently offers transformative, holistic counseling through 1:1 sessions, tarot readings, nature-connection retreats, and community experiences.


India Mayorga

Heartfelt Narratives: The Art of Storytelling with Indigenous Wisdom  

Embark on a journey through diverse cultures, discovering the shared interconnection that binds us all. Join me in delving into the profound teachings of our ancestors, where the heart and intuition guide us.

About India

Founder of Movimiento Ancestral, Artist Visionary & Holistic Therapist

India Mayorga is a passionate and multifaceted individual committed to holistic healing and guiding others towards their true purpose. As a Business Major, Holistic Therapist, and student of esoteric knowledge and ancestral wisdom, India combines ancient wisdom with contemporary practices to create transformative experiences.


Achintya Devi

Rise of The Magdalenes and the Eye of the Heart  

Discover the Herstory and celestial roots of the Rose Lineage with Achintya of Goddess Rising Mystery School. Learn what and who the Magdalene's are and how embodying the wisdom of the ‘Eye of the Heart’ is key to global healing and actualizing the Way of Love.

About Achintya

Rose Priestess & Founder of Goddess Rising Mystery School

Achintya Devi is a Priestess of the Rose and founder of Goddess Rising Mystery School, a global sisterhood temple devoted to Walking the Way of Love. She is an ordained priestess in the Temple of Isis and a Grail Keeper of the Magdalene Mysteries within the Order of the Rose. Achintya is an international teacher, speaker, ceremonialist, and spiritual mentor dedicated to empowering, catalyzing, and inspiring women to remember who they truly are, embody their soul essence and create impact in the world.


Marissa Roer

Unlock Ancestral Wisdom  

In this workshop Marissa embraces vulnerability to share why her soul incarnated into her ancestral line. She will share how she listens to the whispers of her ancestors as she creates the world they never got to see.

About Marissa

Spiritual Mentor & Guide

Marissa is a shamanic reiki practitioner, past-life regressionist, ceremonialist, intuitive healer, spiritual mentor and guide. A spiritual seeker for many years, she has woven different belief systems, scientific thought & ancient wisdom into her belief. She believes that we must all individually and collectively return to our roots, return to the ancient teachings and ancient ways of being. She understands the importance of keeping our ancestors wisdom and ceremonial traditions alive to elevate our connection to the self, our communities, the Earth and the Cosmos as a whole.


Izaias Sajvin Mendoza

Mayan Fire Ceremony  

About Izaias

Mayan Spiritual Guide

Izaias Sajvin Mendoza was born and raised to an indigenous family in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala. He is a shaman also known as an Ajq’ij or Mayan spiritual guide. for many years Tata Izaias has regularly shared Mayan fire ceremonies and cacao ceremonies following the tradition of his ancestors and his inherited lineage, next to Lake Atitlan in San Marcos La Laguna. We are honored to have him share with us this Ancestral and magical practice for our healing and remembrance.



Angelee Andorfer-Lopez
Communing with Ancestral Land: a Meditation Journey

Jilly Torrez
Water Codes

Lydiana Garcia
Healing the Matriline: Honoring Ancestral Motherhood

Isha Vela
Sovereign Wealth: Uncolonizing + Unshaming Money

elianne El-Amyouni
Political Identities and the Alchemy of Integration

Arihia Sun
Inner Branding. Re-coding Your Story

Rathika Marsh
An intro to how to work with trauma - what’s it all about?

Lisa May Francisco
Using Sacred Circles to Connect to the Divine Feminine

Meet Our Past Facilitators and Receive Instant Access to the Previous Event

Marilu Shinn

Opening the 4 Sacred Directions According to the Andean Cosmo-Vision

June Marisa Kaewsith

How to Connect with Your Ancestors

Anthony West

Reclaiming History and Magick

Bianca Quinones

Music as Medicine


Music as Medicine

Eric Hernandez

Native Hoop Dance

Melissa Ruiz

Activating The Ancestors Abundance 

Luci Lampe

Restoring Our Ancestral Erotic Wisdom 

Savannah Bohlin

Embracing Your Sensitivity: Owning Your Gifts

Ihsan Abbas

Holy Land - The Heart of Alchemy

Teariki-Maeva Arnold

Journey Home To The Heart Through Polynesian Movement

Jennifer DeLia

Power of Storytelling

Felicia Ruiz

Kitchen Wisdom with Kitchen Curandera

James McCrae

Creative Alchemy

Davana May

Primal Wild Birth

Monique Benabou

Medicine Music

Dr. Samuel Augustus

Your Sovereignty Begins with Your Tongue

Fernanda Parra-Chico

Reciprocity, Money and Affiliates

Nana Lu

Sacred Mayan Fire Ceremonies

Chelsea Kennedy

Healing the Inner Child Masterclass


Dream Workshop

Dr. Jacqui, ND

Belonging to the Land: Plant Medicines for our Hearts, connection, protection & remembering

Christine Gutierrez

Activating the Diosa (Goddess) Within

Everett Satoru

From Adversary to Alchemy: The Divine Dance Between the Masculine & the Feminine

Shanti Abbas

Mirror Medicine

Kamya Buch

The Practice of Mantra from Vedic Traditions

Syris King-Klem

Event Co-Host

What Participants Are Saying

Truly a an awe-inspiring blessing to experience! I've never seen such an empowering group of healers gather and create community in sharing their ancestral knowledge and their gifts with others as a means of support and inspiration. I am wholeheartedly grateful to have experienced such validating wisdom & energy with other beautiful souls, who shared their inspiring knowledge of grounding healing practices that reconnect us with Pachamama. Eternally grateful, Tlazocamati, hermana, Christine Olivia for cultivating this sacred healing container.

Christine Fernandez

I cannot say enough about the Revival event. First, I must talk about the felt safety in the container in spite it being virtual. Christine moved through the program thoughtfully and lovingly. The speakers! Where do I begin. Every single one of them gave you a nugget that then the next built on. At the end I was left feeling cracked open and deeply connected to myself, source, and most importantly- my ancestors. I did a healing session yesterday and my ancestors presence was immediate, something I have not felt in this way before. There were so many activations throughout the three days, that I am still integrating. So thankful for this beautiful community. Gracias! 

Carmen Ruiz-Andreasen 

Participating in THE REVIVAL was a soul call. I am grateful to be living in this blessing. The keys for manifesting my embodied purpose were waiting for me in this container. Each speaker brought forth a uniquely rich transmission that contributed to the whole with powerful depth, beauty, and grace. This was a special experience that I will continue to return to as I integrate the practices and teachings. My heart feels met, encouraged, and welcomed to prosper in service to life and love. Thank you to my brothers and sisters. I celebrate our collective awakening đŸ«¶




  • Revive Your Ancestral Wisdom
  • Re-Indigenize and decolonize your mind, body, and spirit
  • Reclaim your Magic and History 
  • How to create true balance between your masculine and feminine energy
  • How to thrive in your spiritual business
  • Sensitivity: Owning Your Gifts
  • Creative Alchemy: How to use art as a tool for healing and transformation
  • Natural Birthing for the Modern Primal Woman 
  • Claiming the power of your authentic voice
  • Cross-cultural rituals
  • Ancestral Healing Workshops
  • Personal development sessions
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Creativity workshops by renowned artists
  • Entrepreneurial guidance from experts
  • How to cultivate generational wealth

and so much more.


I don't know where to begin, it seems I cannot find the correct words. First and foremost thank you to Christine for being such a pillar of light and angelic being. I'm a latino womban, I'm a single mother to my 6 year old daughter at 27 and I'm involved and deeply connected to Cacao, holistic healing modalities, Acupuncture,
herbalism, shamanism, birth keeping, temazcal, tantric yoga and truly all art that expresses and celebrates humanity. I took 26 pages of hand written notes just within the first 2 days I tuned into the Revival. It was so exciting to get some quality time with the leaders that I follow online, the people putting out the frequency I resonate with. People who are passionate about supporting indigenous communities, about liberating our sexuality, liberating our souls, liberating our finances. 

Camila CĂłndor


I am truly so honored and grateful to be a part of the REVIVAL. As soon as I saw the offering, I answered the call, and I am eternally grateful that I did.
I feel this experience has truly pieced together parts of puzzle in such a profound way for everyone involved and onnn into the next generations!!!

Coming together to heal, to rise, and to alchemize pain into power in such a safe loving space.

This event has been absolutely phenomenal and for me personally I have been on this journey of remembering and returning to my roots, and up until this revival event, I didn't realize all I've been doing this whole time is re-indigenizing.

Having so many benevolent, divine beings together was absolutely incredible, and I am extremely grateful to have had the honor of being a part of this gathering. The divine wisdom and the codes that were shared are soooo potent, and infinite codes of remembrance, of returning to our roots. I feel this experience has inspired me to show up more in the world to share the medicine that I have come here to share; I feel this experience has cleared a block I've been having around being seen. This came from being surrounded by soul family / resonance-kin sharing ways to deconstruct the program, sharing techniques of how we can show up, how to protect our energy, and how coming together in community makes us stronger, and amplifies the vibration of what we're all doing, which is returning to our roots. Returning to our connection with the earth, to the source.

Children of the earth; Star dust
Reclaiming our divine birth right
And reclaiming our wild


When I first heard about The Revival, my initial response was a sense of excitement that a thirst that I had within me could finally be quenched. I was thirsting to feel connected to a community that I had yet to discover. To feeling connected to the roots of my ancestors. This path can often feel so lonely and I feel that I’ve had to piece together my learning and wisdom when it comes to spirituality and indigenous wisdom. I was so excited that The Revival was bringing together so many different aspects of indigenous wisdom and bundling it all together in this beautiful three day experience. Some of the speakers I had actually been following for years, so I was so excited to see the lineup!


I expected a lot of beautiful speakers, but what I could not have expected, was the profound level of energy and wisdom that was shared. The power behind the speakers, the wisdom that they were bringing forth into the world, and how much it would touch my heart I could not have foreseen. One of my favorite parts was playing some of the speakers out loud in my TV room so that my children could listen in as well!

The Revival is a place to come back to the wisdom that lives within us and that is trying to be rebirthed into this world. It’s a place to feel like you belong, and to feel inspired. My connection to my ancestors feels deeper. I feel like it’s finally time to integrate the ancient wisdom that we have all been feeling into this real world and I think that The Revival is a huge part of that mission!

At THE REVIVAL, you will break cycles of ancestral trauma and initiate transformative shifts in every dimension: financial, mental, physical, and spiritual.


This is a movement, a call for unity, and a fresh narrative for future generations.

We can change the world.

Are you ready?